Meet The Team

Our team makes the difference.


Marc seeks details, speed and efficiency in all things. For his love of the outdoors, he enjoys a life of exploration which includes hiking, boating, fireworks and scuba diving. Co-founder of Flourish Children’s Foundation, he brings his passion to the community. A family man with a mind for business, he is always ready to step in and help when needed.
Lauren finds the most enjoyment empowering others to reach goals. She is an adventurer at heart, mindful planner and dedicated yogi. To her, why we do what we do is just as important as how. As a University of Florida Golden Key Honor Society Recipient, 2017 Community Impact Award Winner, and mommy, legacy is her driving force.


AMANDAVice President of Sales
While her title might insinuate a strong sales drive, Amanda’s most passionate part of her role at WHP is her strong and long-lasting client relationships. She is a lover of all things pink but don’t let that fool you… her competitive and organized nature really gets things done! While she loves a good promo pen, her heart belongs to a three-year old named Ascher!
JANELLEOperations Manager
Janelle, our own personal cheese/candy connoisseur and animal lover, is devoted to ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently throughout all departments. Her love of efficiency, promotional marketing, and making clients happy compels her to be amazing at her job. In her free time, you can find her taking her son and puppies on all sorts of adventures.
STEPHANYSales Team Lead
A recovering English major, Stephany is best described with words like: planner; overachiever; perfectionist. She’s crazy familiar of our database of items and her attention to detail helps her seek out unique solutions for the varying needs of her clients. With a “clients first” mentality, she’s at her best when guiding clients through this crazy promo world and ensuring they’re happy with the final outcome: their items! Outside of work, she’s an avid reader, runner and traveler with more hobbies than she has time to keep up with.
ERINPromotional Consultant
Ever the adventurous spirit, Erin loves to travel and explore new places, but also enjoys the local beauty and laid back vibe of Gainesville. A natural people person and problem solver, she is constantly trying to find the humor in things and brighten everyone’s day. She was given the superlative Most Inquisitive in preschool which has carried on to annoy her friends in her adult life and translated into a wealth of useless trivia knowledge.
SAMANTHAPromotional Consultant
Samantha is a proud alumna of the University of Florida. As such, she bleeds orange and blue (literally) and takes her love of Gator athletics very, very seriously. She is thrilled to work for WHP, where she can be close to The Swamp and working with clients across the country who are open to creative approaches for their promotional item needs.
RACHELPromotional Consultant
Rache​l —​ born and raised in Las Vegas but slowly discovering her love of the beach —​ ​is here to help her clients fulfill all of their marketing and promotional needs. During lunch, you will find her powering away at her newest endeavors, from preparing lectures for a local community college to cross-stitching. When not in the office, Rachel can be found relaxing at home with her husband and two small, adorable, yet spirited kids. Wonder where they get that from…
TARAPromotional Consultant
Tara’s background is in the crazy world of retail. Going out of her way to ensure every clients’ needs are met is second nature to her. Having lived in Arizona, Texas, and Florida, she is very good at adapting to change. She unwinds by going on adventures outdoors, trying new restaurants, and snuggling with her two cats to watch HBO.
CHELSEAWebstore Promotional Consultant
Chelsea graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Florida with a major in General Health Science and a minor in Epidemiology with a focus in Clinical Psychology. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and is a very skilled writer who has been published by UF for her research on the epidemiological trends of HIV/AIDS in the rural southern regions of the United States. In her free time Chelsea enjoys riding her bike, cooking, and sharing her Gainesville home with her boyfriend, new rescue puppy (Finn), and cat (Freyja). Chelsea is one of the newest members of WHP and is very eager to expand her horizons within the promotional and marketing industry.
JOSHUAPromotional Sales Assistant
Coming Soon.
LYSAccount Associate
Coming Soon.
SABRINAWebstore Promotional Consultant
Coming soon.
TYLERAccount Associate
Coming soon.
NICKSales Coordinator
Coming soon.


KARENProduction Director
Karen is our go-to person for all questions and issues related to quoting, ordering, and shipping. She is truly the wizard behind the curtain in our WHP office with her strong and gentle manner. When Karen is not snuggling with her BUGG (Boston Terrier Pug Mix), she can be found recharging her energy by skiing, swimming, reading, and napping.
ALYSSIAProduction Manager
Alyssia is an animal lover who enjoys spending time with her husband and friends when she is not working. She is our resident fashionista and always the first to offer assistance to anyone on the WHP team. Alyssia is well known amongst her family and friends for her culinary skills. She is also an identical twin so, yes, you are seeing double if you ever run into Alyssia and her sister!
SAMSenior Production Specialist
Sam is a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys cooking, traveling, and scuba diving when she is not at WHP. She is a NYC transplant who moved to Florida five years ago to be near her beloved fresh water caves. An avid cave diver, she spends many therapeutic hours floating among the beautiful formations in our underwater caves. In addition to diving the Florida, Mexico, and Bahamas caves, she also enjoys wreck, reef, and kelp diving locally and around the world. During her free time, Sam spoils all the nieces, nephews, and fur babies in her life.
ASHLEYProduction Specialist
Ashley is a UF graduate with a major in English and a minor in Mass Communications. She’s one of the newest members of the WHP family and loves learning about the company. She loves all animals (especially her pup, Arch), black and white photography, music, and reading. She has quite the collection of books and vinyls. One day she hopes to have a house with her own personal library similar to the one Belle has in Beauty and the Beast.
ALEXProduction Specialist
A semi-professional musician from Boston, Alex moved to Gainesville on a whim and never left. He enjoys learning from and adapting to new situations, and finding new and exciting ways to apply his skills to the task at hand. He’s something of a pop culture junkie and repository for useless information. If you need to know something about rock & roll, science fiction or horror movies he’s got you covered. He’s also a devoted husband and father, making sure his son grows up knowing all the IMPORTANT things (like who blew up the second Death Star).
CAROLOrder Fulfillment Specialist
Carol has a desire to please and help in any way that she can. She’s very empathetic and loves listening to people in need. She and her daughters like to volunteer at the Senior Service Center in Marion County, for Project City Lights, and Camp Anderson charity events. She also loves to watch girly movies and relax with her daughters! The entire family has a very big heart for all animals, especially those in need. They have three dogs, Henry, Lou and Lily, a hermit crab, a fish, snakes, lizards, hamsters and a cat.
ELLIEProduction Specialist
Ellie graduated UF in 2018 with a degree in Linguistics. In college, she fenced competitively, but now does it recreationally from time to time. She loves cheese and dogs. Ellie is a critical thinker with a strong attention to detail, so much so that she can be a perfectionist at times. She enjoys challenges and solving problems. She’s happy to be part of a company where she can learn and grow professionally. When she’s not at work, she enjoys being by the pool, shopping, cooking dinner for friends, and traveling.


A home grown country girl with a love for God, family and friends, Lynsey is happily married to John (8yrs) and the mommy to a precious, almost 4 year old little girl with a baby sister on the way. She is blessed beyond measure. She strives for hard work, loyalty and integrity each and every day, both at home and with her WHP family. Like the rest of the WHP team, she believes our clients deserve the best. She’ll work around the clock to ensure the books are up to date and accurate, while also making sure billing is processed in a timely manner for our amazing clients.
BRIANNAAccounts Receivable
Brianna is happily engaged to Dylan, the father of her baby girl and two bonus children she was blessed with. Brianna is an Accounting Assistant who works to ensure billing is processed in a timely manner for clients. She holds an Associates Degree in Accounting from Santa Fe College. Brianna has worked in many other environments in which clients come first, so she understands the importance of satisfaction and always giving 100% so they get the best experience working with WHP!
SOMMERAccounting Assistant
Coming soon.


JANEArt Director
Jane moved from Sarasota to Gainesville, Florida, to get her degree from UF’s School of Art + Art History and wound up staying because she liked the town’s personality. Now she is an Art Director (which is like an air traffic controller for incoming design projects) and Graphic Designer (which is like a psychic, cat-juggling unicyclist) for What’s Happening Promotions. Her favorite thing to do is create brochures with quirky personalities and unusual color combinations, but she also swings a mean illustrator pen tool.
BRITTANYCreative Lead
Nicknamed “Brittannica” at her last workplace, Brittany is known for her love of well-organized information, where to get it, and how to get it fast. This attention to detail serves her well when designing for clients, where she takes all colors, sizes, fonts and placements into consideration. Outside of work, she enjoys video games, playing with her cats, channeling her inner panda and lots of Cherry Coca Cola.
ALYSSASenior Production Designer
Arriving in 2010, Alyssa is a Florida transplant from Massachusetts. Loving the southern heat, she refuses to go back to cold weather. In her “spare time” you can NEVER find her… always off on some kind of adventure! Although she is dedicated to her co-ed soccer league, she is always off on a fishing quest, lake day, beach getaway, or a random road trip. This girl is always on the go! Why Gainesville? Alyssa followed her passion for the arts to Santa Fe College here in Gainesville, where a Degree in Digital Media Technology, specializing in Graphic Design awaited her. This passion is what ultimately makes her genuinely look forward to every single Monday Morning here at WHP!
TAYLORGraphic Designer
With a passion for all things related to Art and Dogs, Taylor has devoted all of her time to creating traditional and digital art. From a young age she had an affinity for drawing and hasn’t put her pencils done since. After graduating High School, she packed up her pencils and bags and followed her passion into a career as a Graphic Designer. When she’s not creating social media content at the office, you can usually find Taylor spending time with her fiancé and their fluff ball of a husky, Nymeria.
MAGENProduction Designer
Though originally from St. Augustine, Magen grew up here in Gainesville, FL. She graduated SCAD in the year 2017 with a degree in graphic design. Other than graphic design, she has a strong passion for both interior and fashion design. Outside of work, she enjoys teaching swim lessons, going on weekend adventures, drawing and painting, and making jewelry.
ALLIEProduction Designer
Allie may be our newest graphic designer, but she brings years of experience to the design studio. Originally from South Florida, Allie received her design degree at UCF before relocating to Gainesville in 2018. At WHP, she’s responsible for everything from logos and brochures to flyers and t-shirts. Her ever-changing hobbies include cooking, gardening, and costuming – on weekends you may even find her in full Batgirl costume!
ENASGraphic Designer
Coming soon!
JEAGraphic Designer
Coming soon!


NAOMIProject Manager
Naomi, also known as MC Nomes, is a UF Honors graduate with degrees in English, History, and Creative Writing. She contributes her skills in various arts– from dancing with fire props to live art painting to being a professional casino dealer– to both her naturally performative nature and her lifelong decision to consciously and continuously overcome the fear of failure. She values creativity and connection as the cornerstones of happiness and is grateful to apply her ability to wear many hats to her new role as Project Manager of College Rentals.
SARACustomer Service Representative
Sara is a double Gator, having an undergraduate degree from UF and having been admitted to UF Law for her JD. She is very passionate about her work, no matter the task, and makes service a priority. She loves the outdoors and being on the water in her spare time. Sara is very close with her family, and spends much of her free time hanging out with them.
ERICACustomer Service Representative
Coming Soon.