Say It Loud For Homecoming

Be Homecoming ready this football season with the help of What’s Happening Promotions merchandise. Homecoming is prime time to get involved in your local community as well as to get your brand out there! Not sure where to start when it comes to promo? Look no farther cause we've got you covered!

New Hire Welcome

Happy employees can lead to endless possibilities so start them off right with the help of What’s Happening Promotions merchandise. You can never go wrong when you lease a little love to your new hires by providing promo items that will make their jobs easier and enjoyable!

Move Ins Unboxed

Keep on turning heads this Move Ins and Turn Season with the help of What’s Happening Promotions merchandise. You can never go wrong leasing a little move-in love to your latest residences by providing move in items that they'll use for years to come!

Vacation Giveaway

Spice up your residents next vacay with giveaway items that they'll love by using What's Happening Promotion merchandise! Increase your business this summer with a gift that keeps on giving all summer long!

Leasing Office Starter Kit

Start your new development off right by using What’s Happening Promotions merchandise! Spice up your future leasing office and ensure that potential residents come back for more with these start up items!

Pool Party

The time has come for long days and fun in the sun! We are just as pumped as you are for everyone's favorite time of year. To help you plan, we've come up with a list of items that will have your next pool party making waves!

Pet Pack

Show a little love to Man's best friend this summer with the help of What's Happening Promotions. Though our furry friends may not ask for much, the pupper next door is sure to love any puppy promo you can offer!

Singin’ In The Rain

Keep your residence and employees dry this wet season by using What’s Happening Promotions merchandise. Increase your business with a gift that will leave its recipients happy to use all throughout the year!

Go Green for Earth Day!

Turn your company into a lean green promotional machine this Earth Day with the help of What’s Happening Promotions.

Sign Design Services

Some of our featured sign style options are below - email us at [email protected] to place an order. Just remember to include the number below the photo of the style you're interested in!

Business In Bloom

Make your business bloom this rainy season by using What’s Happening Promotions for all of your promotional merchandise.

Irish You Saw This Sooner!

Make sure your business is ready to shake its shamrocks this St. Patrick’s Day with the help of What’s Happening Promotions merchandise.