Insurance is all about security but, as marketing becomes more and more digital the need for a more personal touch becomes greater. People want to feel appreciated and well taken care of but, ensuring that all your customers feel that way can be a daunting task. However, when you combine old school marketing with your digital presence it is sure fire way to make insuring others feel more like a good friend that’s here to help.

Promotional products are still one of the fastest growing marketing mediums today even though it seems everything has made it’s way to the Cloud. Regardless of what it may be, people love free stuff especially if it is useful or beneficial.

What’s Happening Promotions has been providing our promotional services since 1999, so you could say providing promotional marketing is a long time passion of our’s.

Over the years our team has gathered information from all sort of different industries in order to best serve our clients. So whether your company is looking to treat some of it’s employees or needs items for your agents to use to build a connection with clients, the below should be more than helpful in your search!




The padded laptop compartment protects and accommodates laptops up to 15.5″. The extra padding covers the sides and base of the laptop as well as all surfaces of the bag ensuring a high level of protection. The deluxe multi-compartment organizer has several integrated areas for storing papers and media within the bag to make keeping your agent’s organized a breeze.  The main compartment is easily accessible by opening the magnetic snaps. The top-access main compartment has zipper protection keeping contents safe.



Being prepared for an emergency can be difficult especially when the situation is unforeseeable. With cars being the number one means of transportation in the U.S. having an auto kit at the ready is much like having a first aid kit in your home. The Emergency Auto Kit is all about safety and they will never go out of style! Every reflective carry case includes the following items: 100-amp jumper cables, flathead screwdriver, phillips-head screwdriver, rubber electrical tape, rubber friction cotton gloves, and a tire gauge.



Having properly inflated tires is a great way to save on gas and to save your customers some money. The sturdy metal construction of these promotional tire gauges will keep them in your customer’s lives a lot longer than other promotional items. These gauges are pen size so there are easy to store just about anywhere such as your glovebox or your pocket. We have a color to meet all your promotional and branding needs as these are available in silver, black, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, and purple. So keep your customers on the road and away from the gas station by giving out these Tire Gauges.


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